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Helping people and families take care of the aging and the elderly

Liberty Law Group is dedicated to helping the elderly and growing aging community remain in their homes and have partnered with Senior Life

Helping you prepare for old age and disability

When a loved one becomes disabled or incapacitated, it can create a great deal of confusion for his or her family. Fortunately, you can lessen this burden by taking certain actions in advance:

  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Health care declarations

By executing a power of attorney and advanced directive (often called a living will), you can designate who is to handle your affairs in case of an incapacitating sickness or injury. You can establish guidelines for your loved ones to relieve the pressure and confusion that would otherwise fall to the ones you care about.

In addition to preparing for incapacity, it is important to have clear instructions in place to guide your family and ensure your final wishes are satisfied. A clear and comprehensive will can help avoid family conflicts over your property and ensure that the people and causes you care about receive the things you carried with you during life. Preparing a will in advance allows you to designate who is responsible for administering your estate, make meaningful gifts of specific property to loved ones, make provisions for minor or disabled beneficiaries, and gain peace of mind regarding your final affairs.

Helping you care for aging or disabled loved ones

If your loved one became incapacitated before executing a power of attorney or health care declaration, you may need to obtain a guardianship. A guardianship gives you the legal rights to take action on behalf of an incapacitated ward, including managing his or her property and making health care decisions. While a power of attorney or health care declaration is a more expeditious way to accomplish this, once a person becomes incapacitated these are no longer an option. At Liberty Law Group, LLC we can help guide you through the process necessary to gain the legal rights to care for your incapacitated loved one.

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