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Resolving Family Disputes in Reading, PA, and Beyond

Why a family law attorney in Berks County, PA, can help

Family disputes are among the most heart wrenching and difficult conflicts people can face. In these types of situations, emotions can take over and can further complicate these already complex disputes. Whether you are going through a divorce, fighting for custody of minor children, or seeking spousal support, the emotional burden can be overwhelming. But there is no need to face this burden alone. As a family law firm in Reading, PA, Liberty Law Group has helped numerous clients resolve their family law issues. We utilize negotiation and mediation to reduce the delay and expense of family disputes. Nevertheless, we remain ready to fully and aggressively litigate family law matters to get just results for our clients.

Facing divorce in Reading, PA

Divorce is a complicated process that requires the parties to address a variety of issues. How these issues are resolved can have a huge impact on your future and that of your family. For many, divorce is the last great hurdle standing between them and their new lives. But rushing the process or failing to address all the necessary issues can lead to problems down the road. If you are going through a divorce, even if it is amicable, having a comprehensive divorce agreement covering issues such as property division, child custody and support, and alimony can be crucial to your future security.

At Liberty Law Group, we understand the complexities of divorce. Attorney Laura E. Cooper is an experienced mediator and alternative dispute resolution practitioner. She uses her skills and experience to help clients going through divorce work with their former spouses to construct divorce agreements that provide clarity and security. But as an experienced litigator, she is also prepared to fight for the rights of her clients during contentious or complicated divorces.

Helping parents fight for custody of their children

In Pennsylvania, custody is a deeply subjective issue where the best interests of the child are the primary concern. With no clear rules defining how custody should be divided, arguing custody cases takes exceptional advocacy and litigation skills. For parents facing a custody fight for their children, this can create a great deal of uncertainty, fear, and confusion.

But settling custody matters does not always have to be a struggle. Parents are often able to settle custody disputes by mutual consent or through mediation with the help of a child custody lawyer in Berks County. While these issues can be contentious, it is often best for both parents and children if the parties can work together to reach a mutually beneficial agreement themselves rather than forcing a judge or master to do it for them.

Nevertheless, some custody disputes simply cannot be resolved amicably. When that occurs, it takes an experienced litigator and effective advocate to convince the court of what is in the best interest of the child. At Liberty Law Group, we combine dispute resolution skills with litigation experience to be effective advocates in child custody matters. We negotiate on behalf of our clients to achieve a desirable custody plan but are prepared to argue for their interests in a court of law should negotiation prove infeasible.

Contact a family law attorney in Reading, PA

If you are facing divorce or involved in a child custody or support dispute, the attorneys of Liberty Law Group may be able to help. We represent spouses and parents in divorce, custody, and support disputes throughout Pennsylvania. We offer reasonable fees and use alternative dispute resolution methods to decrease the delay and expense of divorce or custody proceedings. Call us today at 610-685-1800 to schedule a consultation.